BLANCA World / The Coats & Jackets Digest: Your Winter Guide

The Coats & Jackets Digest: Your Winter Guide

The Coats & Jackets Digest: Your Winter Guide

Tie up loose ends with this women’s casual coat and jacket guide, expert-approved by stylist Monica Morales.

We’re building a family of must-have pieces here at BLANCA. Focusing on the essentials and fusing them with spirit and individuality, each item has a place – one that is deserved, appropriate and true to you. 

With winter in full swing in the Southern Hemisphere, our focus turns to coats and jackets for women. They might be the final addition to a ‘look’ – right before shoes and accessories – but they serve a much greater purpose. The right outerwear will pull an outfit together, tie up loose ends, and spit out a cohesive (but deeply personal) outfit for any occasion. 

We never leave the house without a hefty coat or BLANCA jacket in tow. Here is our guide, expert-approved by big colour and big fun stylist Monica Morales.

The Carmen Coat courtesy of @mariamtopp

Women’s Casual Coat and Jacket Guide: The Intel

The Oversized Coat

A must-have in every wardrobe, oversized is key, according to Monica. Look for an exaggerated shoulder and super long sleeves – “They look so cool and effortless…like you pulled it out of your boyfriend’s closet.”

The Carmen Coat courtesy of @makeupxka 

Invest in timeless outerwear that will outlast trends and seasons; consider it a piece that will coddle you, protect you and defend against the elements whenever you need. A fail-safe, you might say. For Monica, the perfect coat is “Warm, warm, warm, oversized and in a chocolate or camel.” In a neutral colourway, the coat is guaranteed to work with everything, no matter how your aesthetic may sway over the years. We will always need a warm coat.

The Adeline Coat and Carmen Coat, both slouchy, relaxed and deliciously oversized, are her top picks. “You can literally chuck it on anything,” she says.

The Adeline Coat in Aqua & Carmen Coat in Navy/Brown courtesy of @jessalizzi

The Trench Coat

The trench coat is another classic take, identified by its epaulettes, double-breasted buttons, waist belt buckle and rain guard at the back. Arguably even more versatile, its lightweight nature allows wear across the seasons, handling the confusing mid-periods with ease. 

In winter, consider the trench coat another layering piece. Add fun and personality to your typical ensemble by playing with your layers. A tip from Monica: “When you get a coat, opt for a size up, as then you can add jumpers, cardis, shirts or a lightweight trench under.”

Go for the classic, or choose a colourful, silky rendition to truly mark your style.

The Lincoln Trench Coat courtesy of @voyageoslo

Casual Coat And Jacket Styling

“The thing about a really good coat is you can style it so many ways.” 

The right coat “instantly makes a tracksuit set look cool and really elevates a suit look,” making it super wearable in casual and office settings. Essentially, a necessary piece for transitioning seamlessly between your many hyphenated roles.

For a look that slays by day or night, Monica recommends pairing a super tight mini dress with high boots. Position your jacket to slightly fall off the shoulders – it’s “super sexy but effortless.”

The finishing touch that truly does it all!

The Carmen Coat courtesy of @lauradewit

Images courtesy of @mariamtopp, @makeupxka,  @jessalizzi@voyageoslo@lauradewit.