Delilah Sweater in Purple


Launched as part of the growing Reliquia family, Blanca serves as the clothing offering to complete the look. The overarching aesthetic is derived from a meeting of vintage and modern style - looks seen on paris and milan’s streets. 

With a limited number of pieces available in each style, the range of wardrobe basics is intended to seamlessly fit into one’s existing wardrobe and offer a simple, wearable and everyday addition.

Phoebe Shirt in Grey

Environmental Footprint

Blanca acknowledges the industry’s impact on the planet; it isn’t possible to be a contemporary brand without aiming to always do better and limit the environmental impact. We’re making conscious decisions to continue to grow, evolve and improve. 

To limit waste and excess stock, we offer limited sizes in small batches, with our traditional sizing suited to comfortably fit a size 6-16. We reorder and replenish stock as required, meeting the needs and demands of our customers. With a penchant for timeless, seasonless silhouettes, we encourage repeat wear and longevity within one’s wardrobe, allowing the way we style a particular piece to truly revamp an outfit. Blanca uses deadstock fabrics where possible, giving new life to the existing and reducing the need to create more. (It’s also fun to play with!) All our cotton is ethically sourced and does not originate in exploitative areas, including China’s Xinjiang province.

We know that the way you wear and look after your garment is just as important; 25% of a garment’s carbon footprint derives from the way we wash. We recommend only washing when required, using a cold cycle, and spot cleaning where possible.