BLANCA World / Lily Montasser: Walk in Her Wardrobe

Lily Montasser: Walk in Her Wardrobe

The digital creator and entrepreneur lets us inside her business mind and BLANCA buffet

Lily Montasser is a BLANCA girl by definition – a multitude of talents and style. You’ll find her bouncing around the streets of New York wearing looks destined to steal the scene (more on her local recommendations below). There are oversized tees, wide leg trousers and boyfriend blazers, all positioned in perfect balance – bold and confident with an element of femininity. We asked the savvy digital creator and entrepreneur about her wardrobe, her work life, and all the bits in between to kick off our new series. 

On her morning routine:

I try to wake up with the sun. First thing I do is grab my 5 Minute Journal and write down my intentions for the day. Then I make hot water with lemon, burn palo santo, and do a 10 min breathwork meditation + repeat my daily affirmations. After that I make a coffee, check some emails, and head to the gym. 

On her creative space:

My home is my creative space. I try to keep my space very clean and minimal and quiet. It gives me room to breathe and come up with ideas. 

On the life of an entrepreneur:

My co-founder and I started Ambyr Club about 2 years ago. It's a members-only dating service that focuses only on in-person events (we do speed dating & singles parties). As two single girls who were exhausted from the dating apps, we wished there was an easier way to meet eligible bachelors in person. We have a pretty strict application process which includes a virtual interview & application form. We like to think we do all the pre-vetting for you, and all our members have to do is show up and hit it off. It's been amazing watching the community come together.

Her top three tips for budding founders:

  1. Just start: I think taking the first step is the hardest part. My co-founder and I had the idea for Ambyr and dove into it the next day. I think if we waited around we would have talked ourselves out of it. Once you begin, the dominos begin to fall and everything begins unfolding for you.

  1. Find your weaknesses: As a first time entrepreneur, there's so much about the business world you don't know. Find people who have experience in the realms you are not as confident in and lean on them for support and guidance. 

  1. Set work/life boundaries: It's really easy to run yourself into the ground when launching a company. I had to set strict hours and boundaries for myself so I'm not working 24/7. Sometimes I feel guilty about it, but at the end of the day the quality of my work improves when I'm giving myself time to rest and live my life. 

On finding inspiration:

I find my inspiration when I'm travelling. I am on the move a lot, and hate the feeling of being stagnant. A change of scenery always shifts my perspective.


On curating a BLANCA wardrobe:

BLANCA brings colour into my wardrobe in a way that's both playful and elevated. Every time I wear it, I feel bold & creative.

Her top three styling tips:

  1. Adjust your sizing: I'll typically size up t-shirts & sweatshirts if I want them to have a looser neckline or more draped silhouette. I do the same for straight leg denim or trousers because I want them to sit low on the hip.

  1. Invest in the basics: Work on creating a capsule wardrobe of high-quality pieces that look amazing on you and you will wear forever. 

  1. Play with textures: This is a really easy way to make outfits look more interesting and elevated. Whether it's through layering, outwear, or accessorising--incorporating different textures can make even the most simple outfits look cool.

On unwinding in the evening:

I'm trying to be better at putting my phone away an hour before bed (keyword trying). I typically make a cup of detox tea, journal about the day & write down 3 small things that happened that I'm grateful for. And then I either read or watch a show. 

On the must-see haunts in NYC and LA:

This is such a tough question since I've lived in both places for so long. Here's what I love to do as a local:

In New York, spend a Sunday walking through the cobblestone streets of the West Village. Get lunch at Buvette or Via Carota. Stop for coffee at Bar Pisellino. Stumble into a jazz club in the evening.  Or wander around Williamsburg (this is where I live!). Pop into thrift shops and cute local bookstores. Read a book in Domino Park and grab an afternoon drink at Hotel Delmano. Or grab a citi bike and ride up the west side highway. Go to the Whitney Museum. Take a stroll through Central Park. 

For LA, I spend most of my time on the west side since I'm such a beach person. Drive up to Malibu and hike Solstice Canyon. Go to El Matador beach. Catch the sunset over lychee martinis & sushi at Nobu Malibu. Or hang out on Abbott Kinney in Venice. Grab pizza at Gjelina & bop around the stores.


Imagery courtesy of @Lily Montasser.