BLANCA World / An Ode to Wide Leg Pants: How To Style Casually

An Ode to Wide Leg Pants: How To Style Casually

Comfort is the centre of our universe – wide leg pants one of the livable planets.

At the centre of our fashion-focused universe is this red-hot fireball of ‘comfort.’ Everything else revolves around it. The orbiting planets are the wardrobe essentials that deliver sigh-worthy ease with a hit of style, personality and fun – we’re talking oversized shirts, boyfriend blazers and wide leg pants (the hero of today).

Stylist Lucy Wood, an avid fan of the staple, shares her insights: “They have become my go-to pant on so many occasions, especially when you want to look a little put together but not compromise on comfort.” See, that special word again. Below, she teaches us how to style an impeccable wide leg pants outfit and take them out for a casual spin.

Image courtesy of @allymaycarey.

Does the perfect wide leg pant exist?

A fleeting trend or the rock of our existence? Lucy says wide legged pants are here to stay, “and thank goodness because they’re so versatile and comfortable.” 

On finding the perfect pants, it’s true that finding the ideal fit straight from the rack can be a tricky task (the blessing and the curse of the beautiful female figure). Opt for simple tweaks and updates – either working with a trusted local tailor, your mum or, as we highly advise, upskilling in the modification department. “I’m never afraid to take things in a little at the waist, or bring up the hemline to be just right,” she says. “And although it may feel like a chore at the time, it’ll mean you wear the pieces a lot more frequently.”

If you’re shopping around, “when in doubt, go a size bigger,” Lucy recommends. Take particular note of this in winter (all the better for tucking and layering). Remember, they’re meant to be roomy in the leg.

For seasonless appeal, Lucy prefers a pair of high waist wide leg pants crafted from a tailored wool blend fabric – “The weight of the fabric is perfect year-round, and so it will be just as easy to incorporate into your summer wardrobe as it will winter.” Wear it with a simple knit, a matching blazer and a wool coat over the top for a killer vibe, even in the depths of the chill.

How to wear wide leg pants casually

    1. Go oversized and layered. It “feels quite chic,” says Lucy, “so don’t feel like every shirt needs to be tucked into the waistband.” Alternatively, wear a basic tank with an open oversized shirt – the epitome of cool.

    2. Lean into the ‘90s and ‘00s. Wear “a tailored pant with a black man-style 90’s belt, a white tank, oversized blazer and sneakers. Bigger is better.” 

    3. Take it on holiday. “Go bright. Bold striped wide leg drawstring pants with a matching open shirt, bikini, sandals and raffia bag.” Pack your Euro bags.

    4. Add colour. “Bring in some colour and go for pink or teal blue. Stay cosy and pair them with a chunky oversized knit and sneakers to be on the run.”