BLANCA World / How to Style a Trench Coat (the BLANCA Way)

How to Style a Trench Coat (the BLANCA Way)

Very important question: is there any piece as versatile or necessary as the trench coat on these crisp autumnal days? As the temperature starts to drop and the leaves hint orange and brown, this timeless piece comes out to play.

The trench coat has a storied history. While largely popularised during the World Wars when it was worn by military officers, its origins actually lie in the 1820s. The waterproof piece was initially intended for outdoor activities like riding and fishing. The caped back – now an absolute icon of glamorous style – would allow for water to simply drip off. Clever! Of course, Burberry then catapulted the silhouette to the masses in the early 1900s, crafted from a beautiful water-resistant twill, gabardine. Since then, it’s become the uniform of Hollywood gangsters, movie-star darlings, and practical professionals (us included). 

For us here at Blanca, the trench coat is a representation of our overall aesthetic and attitude. We love it for its utility and glamour; it’s a transeasonal treasure. Pockets, a belted waist and oversized lapels allow for maximum comfort and easy incognito mode without sacrificing style. It’s never out of place in the office, heading out for brunch or a romantic evening out. Plus, should the weather call for its removal, this lightweight piece folds up neatly or rests easily over the arm. The trench coat outfit does it all. 




The cool mornings and warm days make for confusing daily dressing, as does an overly temperature-controlled office. Merge the seasons with a look that’s short underneath and long on top. 

Don your favourite mini skirt or shorts (chosen appropriately for the given occasion). Add a breathable oversized shirt, adjusting the buttons and sleeves as per your requirements – we love it undone to the chest with the collar slightly standing and sleeves bunched to the elbow. Finish with your trench coat, worn open for an easy, breezy visual or tightly secured for a heads-down-bums-up approach. Socks and loafers complete the visual delight. It’s a little cheeky, very cute, and perfectly curated. 



When the dropping temperatures persist, change it up. Integrate more layers to ensure cosiness at all times of the day, in all locations.

Start with a tonal turtleneck – slightly oversized to maximise comfort levels – and add your favourite pair of jeans. Strap in with a belt to ensure the extra special look continues even if your trench calls for removal. Top it off with the cinched coat, tied femininely at the side with the buttons undone, allowing fast-paced moving. Heeled leather boots lock in the warmth and take the outfit to a whole new elevated level.



We told you the trench coat could do anything – even take you on a date (solo or partnered, we’re here for it). 

To kill this look, opt for a striking and subversive dress: perhaps a strapless midi or open-back maxi. Let your trench cover all with buttons secured, allowing a subtle pop of the leg to appear, or fly open as you walk, simply tied at the waist. Keep the apparel tonal in black, and let the accessories do the talking here. A cute heel or platform, a neck and fingers dripping in gold-toned jewellery, a petite bag and a fierce lip will have everyone falling off their stools. Detective meets seductress meets the smartest babe in town.