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Yagan Jill: Walk In Her Wardrobe

Step into the magical wardrobe of model and content creator Yagan Jill


Undeniably gorgeous with an impeccable eye, Sydney-based model and content creator Yagan Jill has us lapping up her feed. It's a moodboard of details and close-ups – delicious and delightful – peppered with insights into her whirlwind daily life. A self-proclaimed fan of black-hued clothing, including the ever-relevant oversized blazer, Yagan threw in some (subtle) colour for us. Step into her magical wardrobe.


On living her dream:


Ever since I was small, I dreamt of creating, styling, and inspiring. Today, I live my dream. I'm Yagan, an Indigenous, Sydney-based content creator with a keen eye for all things style and beauty.


I'm not new to the game, and what first started as a means to simply share outfits with friends has since evolved into a following of more than 400,000. Pinch me.



On her average day:


Each night before bed, I set a structured plan of attack for the upcoming day ahead. This helps me stay focused, reach goals and get the job done.


Three days a week are spent on location hunting and content creating. This is either done with my own personal camera or a professional photographer. The other three days are content planning, pitching ideas to brands, responding to emails and attending events. I use my spare time most afternoons sipping hot chocolates at cafes here in my local Potts Point and exercising in Botanical Gardens. I also call my mumma every day!


At home, my uniform would be a robe, face mask and slippers. Straight home and straight into a robe, ready for the next round of changes or dressing for an event.


On personal style and daily dressing:


I feel like most people are instinctively drawn towards a certain style. I have always felt drawn to an effortless but elevated, elegant look. There appears to be a term going around for this…"quiet luxury." That's the best way to describe my personal style. 


I always strive to dress my best each day (even if it's a grocery run). I just feel good when I am dressed well. I even had to wear my Chanel ballerinas to the hospital when I had chronic food poisoning!


On making an outfit feel like 'you':


I feel my best in black. My tip when in doubt, is to wear a nice black dress or blazer and pant to have you feeling strong, boss-like, powerful and assertive. Black often accentuates my figure. I strongly agree that you are taken more seriously when in black.


Some days when I am not feeling black, I swing into a feminine, floral vibe or a cream moment. 


On high-repeat items:


A gold statement earring! Whether this is a chunky or fine piece. I would sleep in them if I could. I often pair it with a gold bangle. Nothing goes with gold more than a sleek black dress – I would say I repeat this outfit more than I would like to admit.


On her wardrobe and home:


I have this beautiful, large vintage wardrobe that I have nicknamed the "Belle Wardrobe" as it reminds me of something out of Beauty And The Beast. Here, I colour-coordinate my clothes and accessories. (Massive OCD, haha).


My home is a wonderful, white and bright, long and open unit where the sun hits each end! It's very easy to stay motivated here, as a section of the place is often hired out as a studio for photoshoots and business meetings. I get to meet a ton of people in the same industry, such as stylists, photographers, directors and models. Just to name a few.


On finding inspiration:


For life and love, I am inspired by those closest to me – constantly in awe of friends' and families' achievements. This gives me a kick and nudge to keep pushing on my own journey because the reward for experiencing life, no matter how chaotic, is so rewarding. 


For work, I often scroll the feeds of photographers, to the explore page on Instagram, all the way to editorials on fashion sites and then to Pinterest! This is a daily mission I become a little addicted to. 


On hitting reset:


Every day I make sure to do something that makes me feel blissful and relaxed, especially after a busy day. Believe it or not, grocery shopping is on the list of things that make me feel relaxed! 


Additional activities also include going to the amazing Milk Beach of an afternoon, basking in what's left of the warm sun. Other days I reset by visiting my friends, playing games and making one another laugh with memories.


On our weekend plans:


I'd love someone to tag along with me to the markets, flower shopping, followed by a cute sushi lunch date. We would end the day at the gardens or back at the apartment for a nice evening listening to music and talking about anything and everything over an apéritif. Depending on the mood, we could binge a good series or put on a red lip and head out to a nice restaurant.

Yagan Jill: Walk In Her Wardrobe 

Yagan wears:
Quinn Maxi Skirt, Echo Top, Echo Skirt.