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Tori Van Breugel: Walk In Her Wardrobe

You might recognise Tori Van Breugel for her perfectly oversized ‘fits taking over your feed. Born and bred in London, the content creator, model and stylist has a way with wide leg pants, baggy t-shirts and craftily layered style. Every day appears fun and new in her world, so we asked for the lowdown, stepping into her wardrobe, life and neighbourhood corner. 

On personal style:

I would describe my personal style as being quite chic but also relaxed. I usually dress depending on how I’m feeling that day. This could vary from wearing an oversized suit with a baggy tee and some trainers, to a long skirt with a sweatshirt, layered with a shirt underneath and some booties. So, I guess you could say my attire leans towards business casual. 

tori van breugel wears nabila jacket nabila skirt blanca

On ‘you’ outfits:

I would say an outfit that most feels like “me” is a comfy but elevated fit. I feel most confident and most like myself in smart casual, business attire. For example, being in an oversized suit with a baggy graphic tee, some sporty trainers, and a trucker cap. 

On high repeat items:

I tend to hyper-fixate on items of clothing, and right now, it is a pair of black boots with a metallic toe. Due to it getting cold and rainy in London, I think I’m reaching for these more often, as I’m wearing quite monotone outfits, and the boots add that little bit of edge that I need in my day-to-day life (plus they’re surprisingly super comfy!). 

Another item of clothing I think everyone needs in their wardrobe is an oversized black wool trench. Mine is from EYTYS, and it is the perfect coat when you are trying to not freeze your t*ts off, but also trying to keep your outfit looking cool. 

An accessory I cannot live without is my glasses. Whether it is sunny or rainy outside, I will be wearing a pair. I just love the way glasses add to an outfit, and I feel naked without them.

tori van breugel in blanca oversized jacket and maxi skirt blanca

On her top – playful – styling tips:

My top styling tips for making an outfit unique and fun is to experiment with layering. Although every now and then I do love a simple outfit, I do think it is fun to play around with layering different pieces together. 

Such as, a base outfit being a plain tee with some baggy jeans. You can add a leather waistcoat over the tee, then an oversized blazer, paired with some fun colourful sunnies and a trucker cap. Top it off with a trouser chain, which you can personalise by adding your own charms. 

The world is your oyster, and if I’ve learnt anything from posting my outfits online over the past few years is that you should wear what makes you happy, because there is no better feeling than wearing something that makes you feel like the bee’s knees.  

There is no better feeling than wearing something that makes you feel like the bee’s knees.

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On her (not-so) average day:

Every day is different for me. But no matter what I’m doing each day, I will always give myself time in the morning to have a coffee and do some sort of movement, normally being a quick Pilates workout to reset my brain. My varied days can consist of a full shoot day, meetings with brands/clients, hanging out with my friends to create content, and, on the occasion, going to an event in the evening. 

On London living:

I absolutely love living in London. I could never imagine myself anywhere else around the world. It’s my home city, where I was born and raised. I think what makes London so special to me, is that I have so many memories growing up here, being 23 years old, that is A LOT of memories… 

On motivating workspace(s):

I usually work from home if I’m doing emails or filming content. But a few times a week, I work in town, whether that is meeting up with friends to shoot content or having meetings with clients. I love the variety my job brings, with every week being different and bringing different creativity into my life. 

I wouldn’t say I ever purposely go looking for inspiration to spur my creative ideas. But if I’m wandering around London and find a good spot for content in future, I will take a picture to remember that area. As I’m shooting content, the ideas either come to me as I’m shooting or in post, whilst I’m editing. 

I sometimes find it difficult to stay motivated, especially during the winter months, when it is dark and gloomy. But I have just started meditating using an app called Balance, and have found it really helps me to focus more throughout the day. 

tori van breugel personal style business casual relaxed fit blanca apparel

On finding inspiration:

If I’m being honest, I don’t usually go out searching for inspiration, I mainly just play around with putting different pieces together and keep adding accessories, etc., ‘til I feel like the outfit is complete. I probably subconsciously get inspo from social media, as I’m on it every day… But never really go out looking for it. 

On resetting and relaxing:

I sometimes find it difficult to reset and relax, as I find this can make me get in my thoughts too much. I really like being busy and having plans, but at least once a week, I need time to myself to focus and not overload my mini brain. I find exercising super relaxing. I never really pay for classes or an app, I just use YouTube to my advantage and find a good 30-minute Pilates class on there. 

On our weekend plans:

Ooo, that is a tough question, as there are loads of good spots around London. I just discovered this incredible café called Soderberg, based in the heart of Soho. The interior is super relaxed and spacious. I took my laptop there the other day to do some work and sat downstairs (highly recommend!).

For lunch, a delicious spot is Miznon, with a couple being dotted around London; my favourite location being Notting hill. A must order is their side of hummus and their falafel and mushroom pittas (the fluffiest pittas I’ve ever had!). 

For a gorgina dinner spot, I would take you to Counter 71. It only opened a few months ago and is a super intimate 16-person counter where you watch the chefs cook right in front of you and get served a 15-course menu. I highly recommend for a date night. It also has an American South-inspired cocktail bar underneath where you can go for a drink before your meal…10 out of 10 from me.

I could honestly go on with recommendations for hours, but to end it off with an activity, I would go to a comedy night. My friend puts on a hilarious evening, called Cloud9 Comedy, at The Phoenix in Oxford Circus. I always go home in the best mood afterwards, and it is just a perfect way to end your day in London. 

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Tori wears: Nabila Jacket, Nabila Skirt.