Maxi Skirts


An integral component of the throw-on-and-go capsule wardrobe, Blanca maxi skirts lean into the classics but add some much-needed flavour. Transition these styles between professional and play modes – Blanca has a look to suit every mood and occasion.

Straight silhouettes, perfect for the boardroom to bar rendezvous, prioritise comfort with stretch appeal and practical slits. Made from soft denim and cotton blends, tuck in an oversized long sleeve shirt (buttoned or not) and push up the cuffs for an instant, effortless outfit that gives huge 'get things done' energy. Add a boxy women's blazer, et voila. There's no holding you back.

For an overtly feminine look, opt for the A-line maxi skirt. Flaring out, often pleated, these pieces invite maximum proportion play. This juxtaposition is where the Blanca woman has the most fun. Elevate the every day and go 'big is better' with voluminous sleeves or bow details. Alternatively, tone it down with a simple boyfriend t-shirt or tank and a knitted sweater to take off the cool edge.

End the day in an evening-style maxi skirt with added textured features. Think delicate tassels, intricate beads, and subtle sheers. Ever-comfortable, crafted from stretch-allowing fabrics, these pieces remove the fussiness (and fluster) of the traditional date night look. Add a matching top for a full – laidback but luxe – outfit.

Designed for the chameleons and multi-taskers, this is fashion as language. It's the maxi skirt as a platform for self-expression, a building block for everyday ease and satisfaction.