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India Hartford Davis: Walk In Her Wardrobe

India Hartford Davis is a long-time friend of BLANCA, sharing an eye for our comfort-meets-chic style. Originally from Sydney, the fashion photographer has called London home for the last seven years – more specifically, East London, “aka HEAVEN,” she says. This is where we caught her to chat personal style, inspiration and a love of cowboy boots before she made the move back to home soil. 

On personal style:

My personal style is quite eclectic. I love and often embrace my feminine side - but being blonde and having curly long hair - I sometimes feel too girly, so I love to mix up my style pending my mood. I absolutely adore vintage but would say my style is quite clean and modern when I'm not embracing the full fem side. Having said that, my go-to shoe would always be a cowboy boot - despite my husband despising them.

On ‘you’ looks:

I'm not that trend-focussed, which I think can be tricky when you work in fashion. Often my staples, like my denim, knitwear and boots, make me feel confident, but I sometimes find adding my jewellery (much of which comes from my mum or grandmother or has been bought for me) adds an extra level of personality to an outfit. 

I'm also a strict believer in making sure I feel confident when I leave the house - it can make or break your day. So I think if something feels a bit 'done' or 'trend' focussed - I'll add a vintage element (either jewellery or another type of accessory) to make it feel more like me. I love trying to find the balance between what is fashionable, and what feels authentic to my style.

india hartford davis fennie dress europe

I'm a strict believer in making sure I feel confident when I leave the house - it can make or break your day. 

On high-repeat items:

  1. My Blanca white and yellow striped shirt
  2. My olive green Loewe basket bag  - my basket bag obsession is out of control.
  3. My Jil Sander black leather sandals 
  4. My Altuzarra gold high-waisted belt – it goes with all my denim and my summer dresses.
  5. My yellow Blanca summer dress - it’s come all across Italy with me this summer!

On her average day:

My average day changes a lot as I travel so much for work and am often in Europe scouting locations or shooting all hours of the day. 

When I'm home in London, I'll usually start the day with a reformer pilates class at my Mecca - Studio Anatomy, in London Fields. Then I run to the nearest coffee shop for the first hit of the day. I'll then head home to shower and change before either heading out to work/edit from a cafe, or doing model go-sees. 

Pending London's weather and if it decides to act like it's summer again - I'll be wearing a summer dress, paired with veja sneakers, birks or my favourite black cowboys. I love layering in summer in London, so have been loving adding my Blanca oversized yellow and white striped shirt. It's also a go-to for when I'm shooting in summer. Come winter - I'm in high-waisted denim, a chunky knit and boots religiously. 

india hartford davis fennie maxi dress blanca

On her studio and home:

I'm actually in the process of moving back to Australia, so my apartment/work from home situation has been shifting a lot. Normally I need a lot of natural light - it makes such a huge impact on my day. Plus, good light = good photography! I also always need fresh flowers to work beside. I do really need to be in a clean, tidy space and always need a good set of speakers to edit with! 

On finding inspiration:

TRAVEL TRAVEL TRAVEL. I find inspiration all the time, but most often when I'm travelling, and so often in summer. I'm a real summer child, so light, sunsets/sunrises and the colours in the skies are a huge source of excitement/inspo for me. I love shooting in Italy and France because of the quality of light there. 

Nature, fresh flowers and food also sit up very high on my list. But I think being outside, by the ocean and around those I love most, makes me feel best, and I think I create the best when I'm in this headspace. I have so loved living in Europe and seeing the history and culture of so many of the cities I've shot in. But I do look forward to coming home and waking up by the ocean again. I've missed it these last 7 years! 

india hartford davis photographer blanca oversized shirt

Being outside, by the ocean and around those I love most, makes me feel best, and I think I create the best when I'm in this headspace.

On switching off:

I love to unwind and try to leave my phone somewhere else in the house. I'll often find a new recipe and start cooking, with music and incense in the background. Or walking around our local park with my husband. I also really love meditating and trying to reset after a long day of screentime and social media. Once I'm back in Sydney - it will involve an early evening swim or surf!

On our weekend plans:

So, if you came to London for the weekend, we'd start on Saturday morning with a pilates class at Studio Anatomy... I'm an addict. We'd then head to Broadway market, just off London Fields for great coffee and the best street food in the whole of London for some lunch.

They also have gorgeous artisan market stalls and cute shops lining the market. One of my favourite vintage stores in London is under the London Fields Overground arches and is a few mins from here. We'd then head to a cute East or North London pub/bar for afternoon drinks in the sun.

We love Hectors in De Beauvoir town - a natural wine bar. Or nearby you have De Beauvoir Arms, The Hunter S or the Scolt Head. For dinner, we'd head to any of my fave London restaurants - which all happen to be north or east. Trullo for Italian, Westerns Laundry for modern European, The Tamil Prince for incredible Indian (almost impossible to get into) or My Neighbours the Dumplings for epic dumplings.

Sunday, we'd either head to Columbia Road Flower market, or a stroll down the canal to have a late lunch at Towpath on the canal. Afternoon could be spent trawling Brick Lane or heading over West and shopping on Portobello Road.

India wears: Fennie Dress, Phoebe Shirt.