BLANCA World / Annalisa Ferraris: Walk In Her Wardrobe

Annalisa Ferraris: Walk In Her Wardrobe

Always a blazer and forever personal, step inside this artist’s embellished wardrobe.

Known for painting architectural ‘scapes and minimalist colour palettes, Sydney-based artist and designer Annalisa Ferraris has us wishlisting and curating the perfect home gallery. Acrylic paint, handmade paper and polyester canvas are the materials she wields under her power. Speaking to her in the throes of winter, Annalisa lets us inside her wardrobe and life as another true BLANCA aesthete with a penchant for blazers

On her art practice:

After four years at NAS (National Art School) and an honours degree later, I spent the first few post-university years managing bars and pubs in Sydney until my first solo exhibition in 2015. I just pitched an idea to a director and ended up having a sell-out show, and getting representation. It was a good start, but it definitely hasn’t been all smooth sailing.  

My overarching philosophy is to bring joy or form some sort of connection with people. Either in the gallery setting or in their homes, design and paintings are such a weird and special way to connect with people.

The pieces (both furniture and paintings) are imbued with my own feelings, memories, hopes, nostalgia, and I hope, on some level, they take that with them into whatever spaces they move to next. It’s like you’re communicating in this really strange language, and you hope someone else speaks in the same tongue.annalisa ferraris blanca denim jacket denim skirt

It’s like you’re communicating in this really strange language, and you hope someone else speaks in the same tongue.  


On her average day:

My average day starts at 6am in exercise clothes with either a run, or a lagree class – sometimes (rarely) both. Followed promptly by coffee with my husband and dog. Then I’ll do admin at home and head into the studio around 9/10am. 

Once I’m in the studio, it’s into my painting uniform, which currently consists of about five jumpers and two pairs of pants – it is highly unattractive.  

I won’t leave or stop working until about 5pm. I’ll de-robe and head home via the park (Centennial). Once I’m in, I’ll put the fire on and start cooking, or I’ll jump in the shower, throw on a leather trouser, coat, heels and head out to meet friends for a drink.  

On her personal style:

It changes constantly with what I’m wanting to portray or feeling that day/night. But I’d say the majority of the time, I have a masculinity to my dress – I love a suit.  

Then, in total antithesis, I’ll wear something super feminine like a feather-embellished dress. An outfit feels like me if it gives me a sense of security whilst making a bit of a statement.  

Also, a blazer – if ever in doubt, I’ll wear a blazer.  

On high-repeat items:

On high repeat is always a good T-shirt in both white and black, and an oversized black blazer. I’m loving my BLANCA short denim skirt with a luxury stocking, boots and a blazer. A mini skirt in winter is always a favourite.  

Accessories-wise – I’m always wearing stacks of gold rings, some I’ve designed and had made. My engagement ring, which was from Hinkleys, and a Fairfax and Roberts ring I got for graduating university. I love the meanings they all hold and having them with me at all times.  

annalisa ferraris blanca quinn denim jacket oversized

On her spaces:

My studio is inspiring just by the nature of the space – it’s so free, you can make as much mess as you want and never feel restricted by medium or practice. That freedom allows for endless inspiration.  

My wardrobe is filled with such an eclectic array of clothing from all over the world. Every time I’m overseas, I like to make at least one significant purchase to commemorate the trip. Last time I was in NYC, I got this two-piece, vintage, Indian-inspired Dolce and Gabbana set from the late 80s, and I treasure it. My wardrobe is full of memories, great leather pants, so many sparkles and the occasional feather. I just adore my wardrobe.  

My home, unlike my wardrobe, is far more minimal. I don’t like clutter, and I despise tchotchkes. Art is the only thing I’ll do en masse, but even that, I try to keep it down to one or two pieces per room. Except in the snug – the informality of the snug lends itself to a salon hand, blankets, and books. I find inspiration in every corner of the house, and I love slowly changing it and watching the spaces transform.  

On finding inspiration:

It’s an obvious answer, but travel – there’s nothing quite like it for inspiration. It’s both enlightening and humbling, you realise how huge the world is and how tiny the corner that you occupy is. It forces you to dream bigger, to push out from your tiny corner.

You realise how huge the world is and how tiny the corner that you occupy is.

All whilst you’re being utterly inundated by sites that look like they’ve been plucked from a dream, food that tastes like some sort of ambrosia, and a lifestyle that makes you rethink what matters. 

On switching off at the end of the day:

Either a dry vodka martini with a twist or a bath.  

On our weekend plans:

We’d go swimming, no matter what the weather or the temperature of the water. Followed by a walk through the city to look at all the buildings, maybe a gallery and stop in at my favourite restaurants and bars for refreshments. Then I’d cook a feast, and we’d have a dinner party in my garden that would be laden with martinis, followed by dancing.  

annalisa ferraris blanca wardrobe tour denim jacket denim skirt

Annalisa wears: Quinn Mini Skirt, Quinn Jacket.