BLANCA World / A Seasonal Print Special with BLANCA

A Seasonal Print Special with BLANCA

Your guide to wearing this season’s prints with stylist Tara Morris

Whether loud (nearing outrageous) or subtle and refined, prints have an important role to play in our daily wardrobes. The right print is a vehicle for self-expression and individuality, something you are innately drawn to. On dreary days, meeting-heavy and long, the addition of a wild zebra stripe or affirming plaid (lots of, actually, if you live in Carrie Bradshaw’s And Just Like That… world) can light a little fire of confidence and joy. We could go on forever about the power of colour, print and comfort, but below, find the professional wisdom of stylist Tara Morris

A Seasonal Print Special with BLANCA
Images courtesy of @clemdelacreem and @kelsey_deprima.

Print Trends To Follow

According to Tara, the prints we’re seeing a lot of at the moment include plaid, ombre and tie-dye, bold stripes and “the perennial spring/summer print trend of florals.” 

Imperative to the BLANCA wardrobe is timelessness – pieces we can wear again and again, recycled over the seasons, that maintain their relevance and pleasure to wear. “When thinking of prints for a timeless wardrobe, look at ways in which you’ll wear this trend in the future,” she says. Will you be wearing a print-on-print matching set as a staple? Or will your print tie back in with the rest of your wardrobe essentials?

Tips For Styling With Prints

Tara’s top tip: Don’t be afraid to clash prints. Be prepared to mix and match. “A plaid can be treated as a neutral that you can pair back with a bold print,” she says. In our world, even the stark contrast of the zebra print can be treated with neutrality (it is a monochromatic option, after all).

If the thought of a zany pairing leaves you anxious, consider stripes your safe entry point. Find your ideal oversized shirt – tossing up between thick or thin, metallic or pastel, contrasting or tonal – and wear it with well-loved denim. A favourite styling combo of Tara’s year-round, this is where your adventure begins. 

For the professional workplace

“I’d go for a bold striped shirt and pair it back with a chic classic trouser and a pointed slingback kitten heel.”

A Seasonal Print Special with BLANCA
Images courtesy of @jessie_bush and @ashgrats.

For a luxe date night

“A matching coat and trouser paired back with a neutral knit vest. Add on chunky silver earrings and ballet flats.”

For comfort-heavy at-home wear

“Lean into the pyjama trend and go print on print with chunky slides.” A matching set like the Olympia Shirt and Pants perfectly fit the bill.