BLANCA World / Paris Wycherley: Walk In Her Wardrobe

Paris Wycherley: Walk In Her Wardrobe

Meet Paris Wycherley – working in corporate law by day, creative pet brand launcher by night. Impeccably styled through it all, she flaunts some of our favourite looks, playing with pattern, colour and layering. A woman after our fashion-as-language-obsessed hearts! Prepare to scroll as we delve into her wardrobe of appropriately baggy separates (wide leg pants, oversized shirts, et al), bountiful stripes and things that make fashion fun

On personal style:

My personal style is ever-changing (I have a wardrobe crisis once a month), but my general rule of thumb is baggier, the better. I like colour blocking and matching the colour of my sneakers to my outfits.

On the daily dressing thought process:

What can I steal from my boyfriend’s wardrobe? And what won’t show the copious amounts of dog and cat hair floating around my house?

Paris Wycherley: Walk In Her Wardrobe

On ‘you’ looks:

A good pair of sneakers would definitely be what I am known for and makes me feel most me.

It can be easy to get sucked into the trends, especially when scrolling on TikTok, but focus on what YOU like and not just what’s trending. Most importantly, the more you experiment and have some fun with your outfits, the more you get better at identifying what is for you and what isn’t. I think it’s a rite of passage as a human to look back on some of your outfits and think, what the f*** was I thinking?!

On high repeat items:

My BLANCA tote bag is getting a very good workout currently! I also recently picked up some Issey Miyake pieces, which are great to chuck on when you don’t feel like thinking. 

Accessories-wise, you will rarely see me without my heavily scratched, very old Balenciaga sunglasses and my Astrid Montague earrings.

On her average day:

I am an early riser, so I get up at 4am and turn the coffee machine on (best thing I’ve ever bought). After a coffee, I walk the dogs, kiss the cats, try and fit a workout of some sort (either weights or pilates) and then usually head to the sauna. The rest of the day is filled with lots of laptop time, snacking, and A LOT of walking (I still don’t know how to drive and I’m 30 next year!!!). I love to read, so usually at nighttime I read until I pass out at around 8pm.

On her wardrobe and home:

My two cats have their own bedroom and that also doubles as my wardrobe, so it needs work. I try and categorise by item and colour. I also have an extra clothes rack to put new pieces/items that haven’t been worn in a while so I remember to incorporate them into my outfits.

My home is very eclectic. We are lucky to have a few artist friends, so our walls are lined with art and lots and lots of books. I also love to have lots of fresh flowers around me.

Paris Wycherley: Walk In Her Wardrobe

On finding inspiration:

I just got back from a week in Paris where my boyfriend’s clothing brand (Monphell) was showing at fashion week. Everyone on the street was just so cool without trying. I fell in love with the way they live over there (baguettes, cigarettes, lots of wine, lots of relaxing). So my current inspiration is to live like a Parisian.

On resetting and relaxing:

A hair mask, face mask, clean house, fresh sheets, a delicious meal and a good book. I also find it verrrrrrry therapeutic to browse clothes online and add to cart.

On our weekend plans:

Oooh, this is so fun. We would get coffee and pastries at Florian, visit the bathhouse at Sense of Self, lunch and wines at Napier Quarter, and pasta and more wines at Kaprica for dinner.

Paris wears: Fern Shirt in Blue/White, Quinn Maxi Skirt in Denim.