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Martina Calvi: Walk In Her Wardrobe

Martina Calvi Green Maxi Skirt And Top Set By Blanca

Too often we talk big but don’t do the walk – we dream about and ponder our creative pastimes, but rarely do we follow through. Then, Martina Calvi’s presence entered our world. A self-professed online creator, designer and crafty creative girl, we have her feed of constant inspiration and motivation to thank for a renewal in all things handmade. It’s self-care, after all. “I get to create for a living, which feels pretty perfect and special to me,” she says (while wearing her chic BLANCA sets). 

With a wardrobe brimming with gingham, relaxed shirts, mini skirts, maxi collars and lots of bows, this is your prompt to release the inner child and often-forgotten desires, whatever they may be. Get ready to journal and play with beads as we walk into her space, peeking behind those (very well-adorned) doors.

On her personal style:

Pre-internet nostalgia? Whether it’s my designs, craft creations or personal style, I’m always looking to the era of my childhood before I discovered the internet for inspiration. I love anything late 90s- early 2000s-inspired that’s a bit playful and doesn’t take itself too seriously. 

On ‘you’ outfits:

An element of customisation – whether it’s a bunch of keychains on a bag, a ribbon in my hair, embroidery, patches or something I’ve cut up and sewn. I grew up op-shopping and customising cheap clothing to be more unique, so even if I can afford to wear my favourite designers, I still like to add something of my own. 

On high-repeat items:

My Ganni buckle ballerina flats and these ribbon-y Simone Rocha socks are my favourite girly combination at the moment! On high rotation always are my Sandy Liang x Baggu bag and my Tabi ballerina flats. 

On her average day:

During the week, I dress for comfort because I walk a lot – gym shorts, sneakers and a fun graphic tee (Ganni, Jil Sander, or my own designs are the current rotation). My mornings are usually spent at the gym and then to my local cafe for coffee and catching up on Instagram and TikTok. I’ll come home, shower, cook lunch and eat in the garden. 

For the rest of the afternoon I’m either working on my book, making content, online store admin, emails or any projects. My evenings I spend in a comfy Hommey robe or Damson Madder pj’s watching tv. Sometimes I’ll have a date night or work events, which I’ll dress up for. It’s a quiet lifestyle, but after living a pretty crazy life working in London, I really value a peaceful routine for my mental health and creativity. 

On weekends, I have a lot more fun with my outfits – since moving back to Sydney, I’ve been loving wearing more Aussie labels like Em on Holiday, Jillian Boustred and Blanca (ofc!) because I find they’re actually designed for our warmer weather. 

On her home:

I’ve definitely curated my own cosy little world to create from. Stacks of books, lots of knick-knacks, trinkets, artworks and visual stimuli. I can’t stand big blank white spaces, grey or minimalism, it’s not inspiring to me. At the moment, I work on a thrifted secretary desk which I love, but I dream of having a cottage studio in the bush.

On inspiration sources:

90’s rom coms,  Sofia Coppola, Rookie Mag, my tumblr days.

On building daily creative space:

Have a personal ritual to get yourself into a creative headspace, just like you have a wind down or get ready routine. Make a cup of tea, put on some music or a background show, spread out your materials.

And what are some simple project ideas to kick off our crafting love affair? Make a zine! It’s a mini magazine with no rules. Choose a topic and explore it.

On resetting and relaxing:

Music on, a big cup of coffee, and a good romance book. The Rachel Incident is my latest favourite. 

On our weekend plans:

I’d take you to Whale Beach for a picnic and a swim. 

Martina wears: Lazlo Tie Top in Black, Lazlo Skirt in Black, Adelina Top in Sage, Adelina Skirt in Sage.

Martina Calvi Black Maxi Skirt And Top Evening Set By Blanca