BLANCA World / Eliza McEwen: Walk In Her Wardrobe

Eliza McEwen: Walk In Her Wardrobe



Meet Eliza McEwen, part-time content creator and full-time Broker Services Coordinator. Suffice it to say, she is one hands-full worker – the epitome of the Blanca woman.

‘Go, go, go!’ is how she describes her days, but she’s always serving the flair, the fun and a huge dose of style, whatever is on her plate. Now based in a small town on the NSW Central Coast after a stint in Melbourne, we asked her about this style evolution, the impact of location and the power of daily dressing – take notes for later inspiration. 

On her style evolution:

Anyone who knows me, knows for the longest time all I ever wore was black and white. When I moved to Melbourne, that is when I realised I loved fashion and started finding my sense of style. There is so much inspiration to take from Melbourne fashion. 

I started to slowly experiment with colour, which has now taken over most of my wardrobe. I would say I am still finding my feet with exactly what my style is, but I am having fun playing around with clothing a little more out of my comfort zone. I find it hard to describe my style as I love to wear a bit of everything. 



On ‘you’ outfits:

When I wear plaid. I feel like that is my signature look at the moment. I also feel naked when I don’t wear jewellery – it truly does make an outfit!


On high-repeat items:

I have two chain necklaces from Prouds (of all places) that I never take off. I am also currently loving my Miu Miu glasses.


On the mental impact of dressing:

Because my ‘normal’ job is quite brain-numbing at times, the way I express myself is through my clothing. If I don’t feel comfortable in what I am wearing, I feel like I have almost set my day up for failure. I find that getting up and getting dressed makes me more productive than if I were to lounge around in my sweats all day.



On her average day:

My average day starts with either a walk to get coffee or a Pilates class. Activewear in the mornings – quite literally always. I then make TikToks / go to my 9-5 job. Luckily, I get to WFH some days.

At the moment, as it is winter, my go-to is a tailored pants or jeans, a fitted top and bomber jacket or cardigan.


On finding inspiration:

Camelia Farhoodi and Ruby Lyn’s social media accounts have been my main inspiration for the last couple of months. They are so effortless and chic, and I want to incorporate more of that into my style.

Still Woozy and Declan McKenna are on play anytime I need to ground myself with music.

eliza_mcewen _lace_pants_oversized_tshirt_blanca


On her final meal:

I have this conversation all the time and I can never narrow down my list to just one entree, main and dessert. I LOVE food.

Right now, I would say the entree would be some sort of kingfish ceviche; mains would be a chilli, garlic, prawn linguine; and dessert would be a creme brûlée.


On resetting and relaxing:

Walks on the beach / by the lake, and cleaning my space. Clean room, clear mind!! ‌


Eliza wears: Brandy Dress in Black, Zanzi Lace Pants in Grey, Flower Tee in Grey, Maine Maxi Skirt in Navy.