BLANCA World / Ash Gratsounas: Walk In Her Wardrobe

Ash Gratsounas: Walk In Her Wardrobe

Meet Ash Gratsounas, one of our tonal, layer-loving queens. Based in Palm Beach, Queensland, this stylist and content creator is not your ordinary beach-dwelling star, opting for timeless silhouettes, monochromatic hues and pure self-expression over the typical vestments. We love her take on sleek suiting, oversized shirts and, of course, the favourite denim shorts/jorts – always displaying the ready-for-anything Blanca attitude. While we're in peak easy-layering season now, Ash has the tips to get us through the warmer months (when anything extra is doomed for fear of panting). Come, walk in her wardrobe.

On her personal style evolution:

I've always loved neutrals, but these days, I prefer to focus on textures/silhouettes, and I do let a little colour in from time to time. My style is based on elevated basics – classic shapes with a unique twist that makes them special but also versatile and timeless. I'd say that my personal style is more suited to a city lifestyle, so I definitely get a little more adventurous whenever I'm visiting the city! 

On ‘you’ outfits:

Definitely layers! Despite loving the Queensland weather, I really struggle to find my personal style in the warmer seasons because it's virtually impossible to wear any layers. I think that layering really gives an outfit texture and depth, which is where my personal style really shows through. When I can't add layers to an outfit, I'll always accessorise instead. 

On high-repeat items:

My two black and silver belts are probably my most worn items! I also have a solid collection of fitted tanks, oversized shirts and tailored pants, which I rotate daily. 

On ‘overdressing’:

I'm definitely one to dress for the occasion, and I'm never afraid of being "overdressed". I approach every outfit like this, and I think it helps me to also approach life in the same way – I'll always show up in a way that's comfortable and feels like me.

On the finishing touches:

I'll always wear jewellery. At the moment, it's almost always silver but I do like to combine the two. I switch up my fragrance daily and have about 10 on rotation, but I'll always be wearing something! Sunglasses are always a last-minute grab, along with one of my many Summer Fridays lip balms.

On her average day:

Working for myself, I don't necessarily have an average day, but most days, I try to wear an outfit that is comfortable but also feels put together.

I'm most comfortable in denim/trousers so end up wearing these most days, even in the peak of the Queensland summer! It might seem pointless, but I'll always style an outfit properly whether I'm working from home, elsewhere or on a shoot. So, I'll always be wearing jewellery and a belt, or whatever else I need to accessorise. 

On her creative space:

I'm lucky enough to share our home office with my housemate, and together we've curated a bright, clean space. I'm currently working on adding more textures to the room, and we like to switch up the furniture/styling pieces every now and then to keep ourselves inspired. I'm also working on finding some rental-friendly shelving options to give the space a little more depth – stay tuned!

On finding inspiration:

I often find inspiration from other creators and brand campaigns. I love to see how a brand has envisaged their pieces being styled and then put my own twist on it!

I also find lots of inspiration from interior design, particularly Mid-century textures, shapes & colour combinations. 

On resetting and relaxing:

I'm lucky enough to live within walking distance of the beach, so that's my usual daily reset. I take my dog Ru for a walk and listen to music or a podcast or call my family who live interstate. As I often work from home, whenever I'm not shooting, it's nice to get outside and enjoy the beautiful place we live in. Aside from this, I love going to a morning pilates class to start the day energised, and my Kindle gets a solid workout almost every day! 

On our weekend plans:

Definitely down to our favourite spot at Tallebudgera Creek – it's not what you'd expect from a creek! Crystal clear water on virtually a private beach, we're there almost every weekend. We'd also head to one of the local bathhouses, Native State if you love a beautiful space, or Ground at Currumbin if you prefer the outdoors! Eating/drinking wise, we'd head to Paloma Wine Bar, Piatto for homemade-style Italian, Bistro Livi for a special occasion, or Flor Grocer for some yummy natural wine to enjoy on our back deck.

Ash wears: Sarai Top in Navy, Keris Skirt in Black, Oversized Blazer.