BLANCA World / Claudia Gough: Walk In Her Wardrobe

Claudia Gough: Walk In Her Wardrobe

Beauty, fashion and lots of good times combine on Claudia Gough’s feed – we got a taste, and we lingered for more. As another slashy in our world of multi-talented, incredibly dedicated women, it was only fitting that we ask the full-time Benefit Cosmetics PR executive and part-time content creator to take part in this series. The born Melbournite now spends her days (off, that is) soaking up the sunshine at Manly Beach, enjoying a slower pace of life. Between all the sparkly outfits, on-point tailoring, oversized blazers and beach, this is a peek inside her wardrobe/life.

On personal style:

I would describe my personal style as classic and (mostly) monochrome. I’m a strict slow-fashion consumer, and have been for almost a decade, so my wardrobe consists of a lot of ‘forever’ pieces.

On ‘you’ outfits:

A monochrome outfit really takes me back to my Melbourne roots, and makes me feel the most comfortable! My go-to is a pair of jeans / tailored pant with a tee and blazer! I’m also rarely a heels girl, so you’ll likely find me in sneakers or a pointed-toe flat!

On the hardest working wardrobe items:

Oversized blazer for sure! My most cost-per-wear item in my wardrobe, without a doubt! Currently living in my Cleo Blazer. I’m super simple when it comes to accessories. I wear the same Sarah and Sebastian dainty pieces every day, along with my Cartier Love Ring that I never take off!

On wardrobe planning:

Let me tell you, since moving in with my partner and having to sacrifice wardrobe space… it’s a bit of a struggle! I’m pretty lucky that my job allows me to dress how I would on the weekend. Any pieces I buy, I wear to work and out socially, so not having to split my wardrobe into workwear and weekend wear really helps! I’ve also built a really great staple wardrobe over the years, which makes mixing and matching so easy.

On her average day:

I have two very different weekday scenarios. I’m either glammed and office-ready, or WFH and comfy! The days I do go into the office, you’ll usually find me in a pair of tailored pants or shorts paired back with a simple tank or oversized shirt. On the other hand, my WFH outfit is usually some sort of matching set! Anything that poses the question, “Are they PJs or a chic set?” gets my tick of approval!

On her space:

I’m currently in a rental, which I love, but it’s not my dream apartment. So I really make a conscious effort to fill it with pieces that reflect my style, and make it as ‘me’ as possible. I’m such a homebody, so it’s really important to me that the space around me makes me happy. I’ve always been inspired by beautiful things – whether it’s luxury beauty products and clothing, or ceramics and art. All the pieces in my apartment inspire me when I’m working my 9-5 from home or creating content for my TikTok!

On finding inspiration and reaching relaxation:

I draw most of my inspiration from other creators of my favourite labels. I absolutely love supporting Australian brands, so I spent a lot of time scrolling the “new in” pages! Also travel. I was lucky enough to visit France twice last year, and drew so much inspiration from the fashion over there! My favourite way to reset and relax is to just lie on the beach and swim for hours on end.

On our weekend plans:

I only moved to Manly a few months ago, so still feel like a tourist myself! We would start the weekend with a walk and swim at my favourite beach ever, Little Manly Beach. This would be followed by coffee and lunch at Norma’s (specifically the prosciutto sandwich). In the afternoon we would go for Aperols at the Skiff Club and sit by the water, into dinner at Hugo’s! Oh, and a trip to Messina to end the weekend, obviously.


Claudia wears: Jeanne Shirt in White, Lorenza Shorts in White, Alessia Shirt in Pink, Alessia Shorts in Pink.