BLANCA World / Walking Through Blanca’s Concept Store at The Galeries

Walking Through Blanca’s Concept Store at The Galeries

A concept store that embraces cool, calm and chic.

If we tracked Blanca by a pencil-to-the-wall growth chart, we’d count the opening of The Galeries concept store as her biggest spurt to date. A momentous move and a celebration of all things comfortable and confidence-boosting, this small space is well and truly her own. So cool, so calm, so chic. 

Proudly, it’s a serene space amid the bustle of the city, a moment of calm and respite from the desk. “Having created showrooms, pop-ups and store spaces in the past, I felt that I wanted this project to provide a neutral environment where the clothing and jewellery could be most celebrated,” says Creative Director Ana Piteira. Working with local architecture practice Aterre, the themes are clear: timelessness, sophistication and ease – the mirroring of Blanca’s own outlook. 

Although small in size, this narrow 16m2 shopfront packs a mighty punch. Oblique walls create a welcoming sense of flow (despite the mini proportions), opening up the layout and leading the eye around the well-designed area. Off to the side, a subtle, hidden circular space acts as a fitting room, cocooned by a softly draped chenille curtain. It’s an invitation to be truly enveloped in the Blanca world and experience, literally and metaphorically, as oversized shirts are donned, maxi skirts are flouted, and a quiet, private space is enjoyed. 

At the centre, a custom blackbutt timber counter grounds the space. It’s a focal point with the stunning Hotaru Double Bubble Pendant (designed by Barber & Osgerby) suspended above. Soft and warm, the paper lantern adds an unfussy, approachable touch. Similar timber fixtures line the walls, with rounded edges to enhance the mega calm vibes and encourage this breath-easy break. It feels undeniably feminine and curvaceous, purposeful and personal – aspects that are inherently important to the Blanca brand as we explore clothing as a tool of confidence, comfort and self-expression.

And, of course, the angular walls allow for vintage-inspired Reliquia Jewellery showcasing, too. Nestled in gallery-like insets with blue velvet lining, pieces of silver and gold jewellery act as the finishing touches and highlight notes of a ready-for-anything ensemble.

We're thrilled to invite you to experience the Blanca story in a tangible way. Feel the quality of each garment, and build your capsule wardrobe with complementary elements. More than that, we're excited to engage in a direct dialogue with you – our customers – as we get to know you, your needs, your wins. We welcome you into this space with open arms, ready to create complete, personalised outfits that make you feel comfortable, confident and overwhelmingly special.

Photography: Lillie Thompson